Thursday, April 20, 2006

I thought I had a solution to the B&L Regal. I did some ribbing, and started up a slip stitch pattern. It felt like I was copping out. I decided I didn't like it. No, not that I didn't like it, but that it wasn't special or worthy. It was just ok. I couldn't see myself as proud to give it away as a gift. I took a picture, but still haven't ripped it out. I'm not sure.

Then I started thinking about my need to "use up" or "get rid of" certain parts of my stash. I have boxes of beautiful colors, merino, alpaca, shetland. What am I saving it for? Why spend time on a project that is just so so, when I have so many choices of wonderful?

So, into the closet I went, and this is why the Circle Square sleeve did not get finished this weekend. I flipped through my books and magazines again, and pulled out sport weight. Lovely lovely sport weight, wool from e-bay, alpaca from Peru, some Nature Spun Sport, some merino from Elann. It worked up this. 6.5 stitches per inch, using Donnegal from Starmore's Celtic Collection as a pattern and color guide.

Now, I'm still thinking about my BIL, as I show the swatch to Husband. He announces that it is really nice, and that he would be unhappy if the sweater was not for him. What's a girl to do, but recalculate, and cast on?

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Laura said...

Awesome swatch on that Starmore pattern. Love your colors. I can see why your DH wants to keep it closer to home... :-)

Your Fassett sleeve is fabulous. Very glad to hear, though, that most of those ends are already tied down. What a job that would be! LOL

I have heard once from the Fasset KAL lady, and that's it. Blah. Maybe we should start a new Fassett-along. Think there's enough interest? I still need to pick my pattern and go buy the yarn. I have too many Fassett books, too many choices! It's currently between a Large Steps or Stone Patch from Glorious Knits, OR pattern 16, 161, 172, 173, or 178 in his Pattern Library. What's a girl to do?