Monday, March 10, 2008

I think I missed a week of blogging. Did you miss me? Proabably not; I can't tell that anyone reads this but me.

Well, Mr. Brown is done. Good thing too. I'm leaving Wednesday for a two week trip, and I think it would be nice to send it off before I leave. Poor cousin Joe has been waiting since Christmas. I hope he enjoys it.

Some off schedule knitting. I was playing with my stash, and decided that these colors of cotton/Acrylic yarn made me happy. Strange, as I was tossing the skeins into the "garage sale" pile. There was an oddball of orange/pink cotton chenille stuff that I aquired during my "ebay problem" days. It looked like it would work well, so I used it for the collar, cuffs, and button band. I'm happy with how it turned out, and I hope the Floriday baby's new mom will enjoy it as well.

Most of the knitting for this pretty was done on the way to and from a Backpacking trip. It's great to go backpacking with teen age girls.

I'm off on vacation later this week for ten days. whooo hooo.

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