Thursday, April 24, 2008

The geese have flown, and all that is left is a lot of knits and purls. I started this about a month ago, as a vacation project. I was almost done with that big green fair isle, and I didn't want to pack a huge sweater that I wasn't going to wear to Europe and back. I didn't have the patience to put together a few baby projects. So, I grabbed some skeins of nature spun, and got on the airplane.

Upon returning, the sweater didn't want to be photographed on the circular needle. She didn't think being all bunched up was flattering. I suppose I had to agree, as I have waited until now to take her picture.

This pattern really looks nice, and isn't all that difficult. I really like the way the bobbles nestle into the little cable. Maybe I'll post a close up when my camera battery is recharged.

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