Monday, June 13, 2005

The results of a long weekend car trip to New Orleans.

Well, I'm not counting the extra pounds on my butt. This is about ten repeats of Madli's Shawl from last summer's Interweave Knits. Part of my scarf/shawl stash for Christmas gift project. It took me way longer than normal to figure out this not so complicated 12 stitch/12 row repeat. Here is why:

First, there are these little nupp knots; sort of little wads of yarn, but not like a bobble. Basically, knit/yo three times and finish with a knit so there are seven stiches in one. Then purl them all together on the way back. I found that I either left out a loop, leaving an extra stitch, or knit the next stitch into the nupp, thus losing a stitch. Even after so many repeats, I still am messing this one up.

Second, because the way the edges work, there was not an obvious way to place markers so that the repeats would line up. There is an extra k2tog at the start, then an extra yo at the end for three pattern rows, then it evens out for the next three pattern rows. The effect is the piece does not seem to slant, but yeesh, it was hard to keep track of my whereabouts until I had the pattern feel under control.

So, New Orleans - fun for a weekend. We walked all around French Quarter, the river, the garden district, the gallery district, uptown, downtown. Snaps for the Ogden museum. Shame on what's happened on bourbon street. We walked all over the Chalmette battle ground, where the United States whoooped the Brits to end the war of 1812, but couldn't tour the plantation on the site due to the park service closing down an account of the silly storm. For the record, Saturday was a beautiful day in New Orleans. It didn't even rain, and the cloud cover and breeze off of Arlene kept us cool. We also took an air boat tour around the swamp, and I held the alligator. Yes, it is alive. Am I a "coon ass" now?

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