Monday, July 25, 2005

Well, I've been trying to post at least once a week. Trying to avoid blog burn out. I miss some of the bloggers that have gone off the air. I'm finding that I'm spending less time browsing the knit blogs; not enjoying it quite a much. Is this a trend? I've notice my daily hits are down, but maybe because I'm boring. Every once in a while, I find I have been "discovered" and someone has gone and read all the archives. Not a lot of comments; not sure why. What a strange way of putting yourself out there.

Last week had so many distractions - Tour de Lance, New Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and of course Harry Potter and the HBP. Oh yeah, and me trying to meander through life. I'm still feeling detached, maybe depressed, and having a hard time finding focus. Going through motions seems to help a bit. With daughter out on her travels, I have not had her schedule to force me to move. She comes back Tuesday from her last trip of the summer, so I need to get my act together. I obviously can't use her presence as an excuse to not accomplish anything. I have discovered that I don't do much while she is gone either.

In the mean time, we picked daughter up from a Sailing camp a week ago Friday and were happy to find that we have a budding sailor now. Since my husband and I met around boats, and stopped a lot of sailing to look after her, we are happy about getting back to this sport.

So, Daughter had enough time to wash before we went to B&N for our Harry Potter books. She and her friend then decided that they would rather watch Napoleon Dynamite than dive into the new book. I dove into bed. By the way, in our family the first one through warns the others about the "chapter of no return". That would the where the action gets so thrilling that one can not put the book down. It helps reduce those all night reads that wipe you out for the next day or so. For HBP, that would be chapter 26. Good read; tighter than the previous few, but I was disappointed that we didn't get more back story on Lily Evans.

We went to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the next Saturday night. Visually it was lovely, and I appreciate that Tim Burton lifted the OompaLoompa lyrics straight from the Roald Dahl book. However, I didn't connect with the interpretation of Willy Wonka as a reticent troubled somewhat immature nutcase. I much preferred the Gene Wilder interpretation of an exuberant nutcase. I felt it was closer to the character in the book.

Speaking of books, I get the heebie jeebies when people tell me they won't read the book, but prefer to wait for the movie. Yikes. I don't know why folks prefer to see someone else's commercially motivated interpretation of a book. I really started to dislike Disney at quite a young age, because his Mary Poppins movie horrified me.

Now, the knitting content of the week happened during the "Tour de Lance". We were horrified by the poor luck Rasmussen had on Saturday. We were thrilled by the fabulous finish of Vinokourov on Sunday. I worked on Rogue, while the boys peddled, and got past the cute kangaroo pocket, see?

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