Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Wow, It's July all ready. Coming back to work hazy from a nice long weekend to find requests to turn in mid year reports, and checking numbers from last month. Yeesh.

We did a lot of driving to and from camp. Daughter loved her Austin theater camp, and we were very impressed with the show at the end. Rather than aimless kid written skits, this was a tight semi-professional musical review. The kids rehearsed something like five or six hours every day of camp, plus attended classes in dance, acting and voice. Next year she will be old enough to go to the three week session for older kids, and she can't wait.

We drove the next day to Girl Scout sailing camp. Daughter was feeling a little clingy, but she is not too far away.

With all that driving, some knittting happened. Madli is done except for grafting the edge lace to the shawl body. Oh, and cleaning up ends.

And a Rogue hoodie arm is done. I made it in the round instead of flat, because I'm just that way.

Detail of the cosmic cuff cable. I used a different method on the edge because I don't like the way the hem works. This is the same edge used on Dale of Norway Tuja.

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