Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Turquoise Swatches

I remember now how fussy the Canyonville pattern is. Many 1x1 cables to make those nice wavy ribs. I enjoy the result and am improving on the process as my hands learn the pattern again. After a week of work I am most of the way up the first sleeve.

While creeping up the arm, I thought a bit too much about the stash yarn I am working through. Some skeins irritate me. Too bright, too much, but not enough. I have quite a lot of turquoise in two dye lots that got under my skin. One lot started as 16 ounces and can be about a half of a sweater. The other is 8 ounces and is close, but not close enough.

So I swatched. I know this turquoise. It defeated me a few years ago when I was playing with brioche type stitches. Over the weekend, I tried again.

My first thought was to use the larger lot in a sweater like the Great Missowski. It is a fun false flame stitch zigzag. An extra bonus is that the three minor colors require a single 4 ounce skein. Great opportunity for my single skein stash items.

After some fiddling I came to this combination. The purple, magenta, and teal are single skeins and the orange was last seen in the recently completed Sunset Kiyomi.

I was happy with how the colors played with each other but I didn't see a sweater that I liked. This felt like "using up", which is not my goal.

Out came the Barbara Walker books and after some trials, I ended up with some combinations that make me happy.

The plan is to use either the honeycomb or the flame stitch for the body up to the armhole. The Swiss check will be on the sleeves and upper body. I'm still thinking about the edges, but will probably opt for a simple 2x2 rib.

The normal end game for this color exercise is that the irritating color becomes my very favorite. I want to put it everywhere. The orange here is an example of that evolution. It was an irritating color a few years ago and there was so much of it. Who wears orange?  I used it in the Hedera Jacket a few years ago, and I am happy with how it plays here and in the Kiyomi. This project will be the end of of it and I will miss my orange.

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