Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Parts Parts Parts

Another road trip, some Tour de France viewing and Lemony progresses.

I did not like the cable down the sleeve from the model so I improvised. The cuff is a strip of cable, grafted ends and the light yellow picked up and knit from there.

The model shows a hood which I also did not like. Hard to tell from the picture but there are neck decreases for a V neck. The cable edge will extend around to the back neck. MannequinAnnie on Ravelry did something like this.

I'm trying to spend some time documenting my stash. The Ralvelry application is great for this. I'm finding that some of my vintage stuff is not listed, so I'm creating pages there as well.

So much to work through.

My plan was to begin with the worsted and work my way down in gauge.

I'm re-thinking my plan.

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