Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Neck Trek

A few years ago I went through all my projects and finished, frogged, or tossed them all. I have been mostly monogamous since then. I like finishing things.

For a few reasons, I have strayed from that habit. I currently have three adult sized sweaters on the needles and a few baby/child sized projects in mind.

Last week two sweater bodies were at the neck stage and I discovered earlier a problem with the neck from a previous sweater. Thus, last week was neck week.

The problem neck was from the Milo sweater I made a few years ago. Not only was it too tight, but there was a dropped stitch right at the base. You can see the before and after pictures below. I probably ought to reblock it and give those rib stitches a yank. They look kind of sloppy.  I'm super glad that I still had a bit of that dark blue in the stash.

The Drops project was next. Alas, I did not take a photo of it with the neck, and I don't feel like taking out the sweater and the camera again, so a neckless body will have to do for today.

I also began a sweater in a yarn called Brilla purchased from Elann in my binge-purchase days. It is a cotton/rayon mix and is decent to work with. I became obsessed with a pattern called "Mulberry Grid" from Knitters magazine that came out while I was living outside of the U.S. I was able to backward-engineer the pattern so I could try making the little jacket. Since I have a limited amount of material and no reliable way to get more I started with the body and cropped it a bit. I feel that I have enough skeins to make full-length sleeves.

I was pleased with how fast the body of this sweater worked up. Logically, it makes sense since it is mostly big holes. If anyone is looking at this blog and wants to know how I did it I will discuss it here. You would have to leave a comment.

These two green beauties should be finished up in March.

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