Tuesday, February 11, 2020

So Much Math

I made this sweet bunting many years ago. Since I'm in a baby sweater mode, I decided to make another. Well, this is not entirely because of the recent baby sweater obsession. I'm considering how to make this into an adult design.

I'm glad I reworked it according to pattern. One of the things I dislike about yoke sweaters is the need to do short-rows to work the back of the neck, or fiddle with calculations to create a nice dip in the front. When I blocked this, I realized that the zig-zag of the yoke pattern naturally creates a neck dip. I'm thinking that short rows to fill in some of the back can work very nicely.

The next part of this project will be to chart it. I'm not so good a visualization, especially when it comes to lace. The directions are seventy-something rows of line by line directions. A chart will help me a lot.

Next, I need to decide what to do with the body and arms. The first time I worked the project, I continued the lace. This lace does have bias, and I recall not being entirely pleased with the result. Perhaps a line of yo below the last repeat, then moving back to stockinette would be better. I'll have to work some swatches to figure out how that will work.

Last, what weight yarn? This one is in sport weight. The weight is very nice, but I will need to make sure the increases calculate out properly. My next stash objective is the DK stuff and I think I have enough magenta and enough red to make an adult sweater in either color.

I'm not ready to put pencil to paper and work out all those decisions right now.

In the mean time, I'll go back to my current active project. It is an openwork cardigan and looks like a mess right now. Perhaps next week I will have the body completed and will be able to block it out and see how well my gauge swatch matches what I ended up with.

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