Tuesday, March 23, 2004

More vacation notes
After we all calmed down, we asked about the livestock. Horses - mostly Arabian, one PG, and another with a new foal.
"What do you do the the goats?" I ask. I wonder about goats.
"Those are sheep"
"Where is the wool?"
"They don't grow wool"
"So....ummmm what good are they?"
"We take them to the auction and sell them to meat processors. You are looking at future lamb chops. We keep them so we can get an agricultural exemption on our real estate taxes"
"Oh, I like lamb chops, but I like woo better"
"We like our exemption"
So, here is a picture of walking lamb chops:

Upon returning home, I noticed an error on my vest. I'm off to Lousiana tonight, and have packed for some moderate ripping tonight. Could I be the only traveling business person who packs more yarn than clothes for a two night trip?

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