Friday, March 05, 2004

Well, it's been an exciting few days in the back yard. Wednesday, we had a raccoon with a bad forepaw wandering around the porch. That got Shiloh and GingGong heated up enough to stop fighting with each other. I called animal control, and while holding, one of the resident armadillos returned home. She picked a fight with the 'coon, so we had a muti-species slam down going on. 'Coon wandered off later in the day, and the animal control officer never showed. I hope the fellow didn't die underneath my house.

Then, I was on a conference call, and mentioned that there were some lizards doing what appeared to be a mating ritual on my porch. They would walk in parallel, then one would turn, and they would walk in a circle. The gal I was speaking to asked if one was puffing out his throat. Well, yes. "Those are anoles, not lizards", she says. Oh. So I have anole sex going on? We left it there.

Here is what they look like from

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