Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A general feeling of February blahs have descended. How do I know? I went on a three day trip to Dallas, and only brought a single skein of yarn with me. My normal travel mode is to pack a small yarn shop just in case. I was sort of wondering why my suitcase had so much space.

Finished the skein on my Top Down Aran during the trip. When I got home I really worked on that sleeve to make up for not having brought yarn with me. I read about people not enjoying sleeves. I love them, especially from the body out. It starts almost as large as half the body; so substantial. Then, somewhere around the elbow, the decreases tip the scale, and suddenly I'm going around and around, I feel dizzy. Sunday, I just had to finish.

Now, here's a Top Down Aran secret. I tried it on my husband. The sleeve is an inch too short. NO MATTER! I just pull out the ribbing, knit my extra inch, re-rib, perfection.

However, because of the previously mentioned blahs, I might not get right to it.

In the meantime, back in Dallas, I had time to visit a local yarn store, and $40.00 later ended up with two skeins of some multicolor floaty mohair and a new #4 needle. I started a mistake rib scarf for a gift for some future unknown gift giving situation.

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