Monday, February 21, 2005

Last week was so busy, I hardly had time to sit still. My brain was buzzing so much, that the Aran sat lonely until Friday night. Then, I forced my laptop into the off position, poured a glass of wine and fixed his sleeve. I have cast on for the second sleeve, but no pictures today.

I did get into that mistake stitch scarf. So easy to carry; so little to think about; so many admiring comments due to the unusual and beautiful yarn. She is on her second hank and will probably be my traveling project until the yarn is gone.

I have another big week. Too much to do on Monday and Tuesday, the fly to Florida for a three day sit on my butt meeting. I have to do two presentations, but I think I successfully outsourced one. Isn't it great to get credit for getting someone else to do your work? That's management!

So send some virtual love to Shiloh. Last time I went out of town, he retreated to his crate for two days, and actually growled at the family. My husband was calling me asking what to do.

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