Thursday, February 03, 2005

Well, I'm a cursed knitter for my husband. I've finished two elaborate sweaters, and Henry8 is too large and Starz is too small for my him. I have not made a well fitting sweater for him for thirteen years.

The largeness of Hank does not seem to be too much of a hardship. Hank and husband have been going to work together about once a week. Hank has also been to the theater, and went out to dinner with Ingeborg. They may take a bath together in a few weeks.

Now, I'm trying to fix the husband sweater situation with a top down aran. I'm using Jo Sharp Silk Road Ultra, which is delicious. I'm liking the method, because I can hold it up to him, and check to make sure it's fitting. Here we are so far - two saddles, the back to the bottom of the arm, and the beginning of the front.

The method is described in the same Interweave Knits as the oh so popular "Celtic Dreams". (Fall 97) I'm doing the same thing, but using my own cable choices. The center cable pattern from braid to braid, looks a lot like a sequence seen in a previous Knitters Magazine. Just to let you know that I'm not all that original.

The goal is to finish before spring break. We're going skiing.

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