Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Knitting has stopped for a week.

I chained up the steeks for Regal, cut them, did the three needle bind off. Very pretty. Put on the collar. It seemed a little tight so I put it on to check that it would go over my head. While looking in the mirror, my eyes played games with me. Those strong diagonals weren't quite straight. What was going on?

OH NO - about mid way up the top section, there are mistakes!!! I offset the pattern a row, and the pattern lines are off. If you look really hard at last weeks picture, you can see.

I kicked myself for noticing this AFTER I cut the sweater.

I thought about throwing the whole thing out.
I thought about duplicate stitching the mistakes.
I thought about finishing it as is, and giving it to a shelter, because all I would ever see would be the mistake.
I let Shiloh sleep on it for four days, and thought about making it into a dog bed.
I thought more about duplicate stitching the mistakes.


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