Monday, May 15, 2006

Like many, I've been really disappointed by the knitting magazines recently. I'm planning on letting all of my subscriptions lapse. I certainly have plenty of books and magazines already. Maybe my past excesses are leading the to feeling that what has been published recently has already been done before.

Today, I shout out to the editors of Vogue Knit.1 - you guys have nailed your target market.

On Saturday, my daughter and I went to the park to see some dancing demonstrations, and to score free ballet tickets. I wanted some double points, so I took her out to the LYS after. I try to use these trips, once or twice a year to interest her in knitting, and to get insight on what she may like me to make for her. We found some fun hats, and picked up a pattern and some yarn, Then she picked up a Vogue Knitting 1.0. Imagine my surprise to find her excited by the magazine. She loved the format, the articles, and thought that many of the projects were really cool. She sat down in the store and just bubbled to the knitting ladies who happened to be there just how great it was to find a book with projects and formats targetedfor her age group. ((instead of for fat old ladies like us ??)) Apparently the magazine is not my demographic, since I can barely stand it. We came home with two issues.

Later, Saturday night, waiting for the ballet to start, you would have seen us both knitting. She was working on an ear flap hat in chartreuse and black. I was working on my big Regal sweater. She is now 4 1/2 inches from cast on, and ready for the decrease rounds. I'm done with the body, and doing the fiddly work to prepare steeks for cutting.

Giselle was lovely by the way.

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RheLynn said...

You knit the most beautiful colorwork :o) I'm always impressed!

I have a few Vogue Knitting mags from years back (bought them at the library sale) -- really thought they were good for ideas, but haven't done anything with them -- too busy sewing!

Have a nice day!