Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year
Swatchy is back, and has been knitting a lot on a holiday road trip.

I notice that Stash Reduction is a big theme for 2007. This has been a Swatchy theme for a few years now. I noticed two years ago that I had about a walk in closet full of yarn. A bit of a calculation around usage rates and life span caused alarm. I believe that I own more yarn than I can knit over my lifespan. You may notice that most of the 2006 knitting was from stash. I think my only yarn purchase in 2006 was Cashmerino for my daughters requested bolero cardigan.

I like so much of my stash, and have oh so many plans. I enjoy taking it out, throwing it around the bedroom, and putting it back.
I did participate in a local yarn sale/swap year before last, and got rid of more than I acquired. It was arranged on Super Bowl day by our LYS. I took home some $$'ss too!!. I'll try to take advantage of that sort of opportunity presents itself again.
So, now for the goal setting; 2006 was not a huge year for knitting productivity.
So, the Swatchy 2007 Stash Busting Challenge - 6 ADULT Sweaters from stash.

This will encourage the use of my vintage worsted weight will, which is bulkier, and takes up more space than all the rest. I may keep track of ounces used, and traded away as well.

So, on to the pictures
Many of you may recognize this a "A Cardigan for Arwen" from the recent Interweave Knits. This appears to be a very very popular design, evidenced by not one, but two knit alongs in process.
I started it on Christmas, and I am using vintage worsted wool in a pistachio green color. It is Fair Lady brand. It was a purchase my eBay yarn purchase addiction. I believe I have recovered from it, but I still find myself browsing the auctions. There are a lot of closets out there stuffed with yarn, mine included.

These are sleeves for "Elegant Diagonals" from Interweave Knits Summer 2000. I'm using Lana Grossa Klimatika, which is a very nice cotton/woool blend. This was purchased during my addiction phase. You know I had a hot link to their site, and checked it every day after reading Wendy. The body is on the needles, but not feeling photogenic today.

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