Thursday, January 11, 2007

A mohair folly.

I was so inspired about reducing stash, that I went on a bit of an inspection. The yarn swap I attended was one of those yearly things, and occur ed on Superbowl Sunday. Well, that's coming up, and maybe I could be prepared. So, what did I really not love. I decided I was no longer in love with the giant bag of mohair.

But, how to get another to love it? Well, I could demonstrate how nice the yarn is by making a fuzzy fluffy scarf. Two colors; maybe brioche. That's light when done on big needles, should work up fast, and would be attractive on both sides.

By the end of the weekend I was six feet in, and finished it Wednesday. It is light and fluffy; seven feet long and less than three ounces. See how one side is light with dark ribs and the other is dark with light ribs? A mirror image; very clever.

A problem. You see I have mohair in purple and teal and navy and grey and yellow, and a few other colors Wouldn't the purple work up nicely with either of these greens? Navy and grey, Navy and yellow, you get the picture? How can I get rid of all that mohair with the potential for light fluffy scarfs? Great gifts, I'm sure. My daughter has already tried to claim this one.

Closeup of one side. The knit side up on the dark green was hard to see, both in real life, and in the photograph. What shows is the herringbone feathers of the lighter purl side color. But here is a close up of the light green "right" side.

Oh, and I joined another Knit Along - the Dale North America group. Cast on is Jan 20th. I swatched some Lambs Pride sport for Hardangervidda. I"m glad I did too. I figured on doing main color green, contrast1 orange, contrast 2 yellow. However, I wasn't pleased with how the orange read against the green. Thus, I will use yellow as contrast 1 and orange as contrast 2. Spot on gauge with #2 needles

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