Monday, June 16, 2003

Back from a lovely week at the beach.

Tank was finished and worn. See?

Hank did not sit alone all the time. He was a bit much to take out on the porch. It was breezy, which was nice, but a little awkward for him.

And, the sit and chat project was the "On the Point" vest from Knitters a few years back. It's done except for a side seam and some buttons.

This vest is for a gal I work with or grows organic veggies with the same passion that I have for yarn. She has given me lovely beans, carrots, squash, and a cabbage as large as my head. However, when asked if she grows tomatoes, corn or peas, she is quite possessive. She cans all her tomatoes, and the corn and peas don't leave her property alive. I'm hoping the gift of this vest as a "thank you" may also eleveate me to at least tomato status. We shall see.

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