Monday, June 23, 2003

Happy Monday.

I'm sore from sailboat races this weekend, and loving it. It was light and we were postponed for quite some time on Saturday, but eventually got in two races. Sunday, it kicked up a bit early, and we had to actually hike. (ouch) Went around the course three times. We were beat from too much fun after the first. My skipper loves to try the port tack start, so we did one just for kicks. There is nothing like having and entire racing fleet comming at you when you don't have any right of way at all to make you feel alive. WhooHoo We were solid middle of the fleet, but had a great time. And, like Wendy, my fingers are torn up. I don't get out on the race course very often these days, so, while it may seem strange, I enjoy that after small boat racing beat up feeling.

Now - knitting. Went backwards on Friday, and didn't touch it all weekend. I'm obsessed with this dumb baby sweater, though it seems that it's knit two rows, rip three. I think I got overconfidant about the time I figured out how the lace yoke worked, and plowed ahead, not realizing that about that time, the pattern was supposed to change. I ripped it back quite a bit, while waiting for midnight on Friday night so we could get our Harry Potter books.

Here it is:

and a close up:

Who out there would be obsessed with this as well?

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