Monday, June 30, 2003

Cleaned closet of clothes that no longer fit.
Finished Harry Potter.
Almost finished the "On the Point" vest. I hope to sneak out and find some buttons today.
Messed around with my template, adding cool % bars from Anna, and making most of my links pop new windows.

Did about two hours of car knitting on the way to daughter's summer camp. She is thrilled as two of her favorite counselers from last year are working, AND, her unit is in the "tree houses". How cool is that?

Arum update - This pattern is called a "bunting", and is supposed to be finished at the underarm. I think that it is a stunning pattern, but a stupid shape. So, I'm carrying the diagnoal mesh down another five inches for the body and arms to make it a proper sweater. It's sort of in an awkward place for photos, but here we are so far:

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