Thursday, July 03, 2003

Arrrgh. Something is wrong with my laptop ethernet connection. Either a bad cable or a bad NIC, so no pictures today. Too bad, as Arum was off her needle briefly for a photo shoot before I picked up on the sleeve. Very cute. Maybe I can get them up over the weekend.

I previously mentioned my friend at work who is an organic vegatable gardner. She had given me beautiful cucumbers and green beans in the past, but has a policy of not giving out tomatos, corn or peas. She cans the tomatos, and the corn and peas are like their special candy, and simply not shared. Well, I asked her about colors before I went on vacation, and told her I had something for her on Monday. I knit the "On the Point" vest from the Summer 1999 Knitters out of dark red a wool/mohair/acrylic blend. I put the final seam and buttons on it on Monday night, and gave it to her Tuesday. It fit beautifully, and was her kind of look, and she was delighted.

Well, she knew something was up, because she had a sack of veggies for me, INCLUDING tomatos, AND she sneaked a container of peas into my sack. So, here we are in the office, me jumping up and down over my peas, and she's trying to figure out how to wear her mohair vest in the hot hot summer.

This vest worked up very quickly, and was very easy. A great project to do when having to sit and chat with in-laws.

AND.... I'm a winner
Lisa had a question about short rows, and apparently my answer helped her out. Glad to help, and thanks for the blog plug. I'm really loving watching that cardigan grow up.

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