Monday, July 28, 2003

Lookie what my Father in Law sent to me:

What a sweetie. His current girl friend has a sister with a sheep farm in W. Virginia. We chatted about it a bit while I was knitting on vacation. They recently visited, and he sent me some fiber samples. I e-mailed her, and asked for enough two ply to make them both socks for Christmas.

And, now for some kitty content. GingGong feels that I need to increase her profile on this blog, now that it is part of the knitting kitty ring. So, here she is on morning porch patrol, making sure that the armildillo gets back to her hole under the house.

We know it's a she because twice in the past three years, she has emerged with four little ones.

Look forward to 100 things about GingGong on the sidebar.

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