Thursday, July 31, 2003

To continue the tribute to GingGong, stimulated by joining the KnittingKitty web ring, we now have "80 things about me" on the side bar. Read all about her. And a special picture of GingGong doing her silkie imitation:

I must be getting depressed about my husband being away. He was in Santiago all last week, came home for the weekend and then left for Lima (Peru). He said "I'll try to be home Wednesday, but I may not be home until Friday." Haven't heard from him since. Sooooo, I treated daughter and myself to an evening of indulgence on Monday. We had our hair washed and trimmed, then I bought us both manicures, and a pedicure for me.
Aren't my toes pretty? I sort of felt sorry for the pedicure lady, as I've not had my feet worked on for over a year. She needed the power sander for my heels. Daughter is sporting silver blue fingernail polish now, and was quite pleased. First manicure for the little girl who is growing up so so fast.

And now, knitting content. Yesterday, my work friend, who is also the student knitter told me that I needed to come in on Friday, as she had something to show me. I'm so excited. Should I bring in my camera, and document it for all to see? Check the archive for June 18th to see how our last session went down.

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