Monday, August 04, 2003

Happy Birthday to me. Big day is tomorrow. Give me a present, by leaving a comment, or linking from your blog if you have one. I've increased my excercise to try to accelerate some weight loss. I'm not happy that my body is reminding me that I am ever so much closer to fifty than I am to twenty.

Beginner news from Friday. My ersatz student showed me a lovely swatch of 4rows stockenette/two rows reverse stockenette. Very lovely. No twists, and nice tension. We're both so proud. She ripped out her seed stitch swatch, as it was not right. She apparently still can reliably determine whether the stitch below is a K or a P. I told her that I thought seed stitch was one of the hardest k/p patterns to get right. I suggested that she do a K2P2 swatch, and to be sure to end with the P2, so that every row would start the same. After some rows when the ribs begin to work up, start looking at the stitches. I'm guessing that in another month she will have more success to show off.

Look ma, no arms:

Once this little one is done, I think I'll do some Xmas socks.

And a parting shot from GingGong, who is concentrating on keeping the Internet up and running

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