Monday, August 11, 2003

A friend from out of state came by on Sunday, and I did brunch and knit. A lovely brunch, by the way. I'm doing low-carb ( Atkins ) to lose some weight, and cooking with all that butter is so much fun. We had salmon poached in lemon, dill and garlic, topped with sour cream again, with dill and garlic. I made steamed aspargus and from scratch hollandase sauce, as well as cantelope slices to go with. And for the finale, blackberries and vanilla cream. It was a sauce-a-rama.

We sat around and chatted until it was time for friend to go find the airport and go home. I had started a sock from the prize Opal from Lisa, and turned the heel and started up the cuff. Later in the evening, I simply did not feel like doing ends and buttons on the fall color baby sweater, so around and around I went.

I'm not much of a sock knitter, and have not gotten onto the Regia/Opal self striping wagon. So, I am amused as the stripes and spots appear on their own. I'm also working the Wendy generic sock pattern for the first time. I remember doing a short row heel before, but I've never done a toe quite this way. Very clever.

Most of the foot of the sock was done on Saturday in the car driving around on errands. Well, my husband was driving so I knit. We were all over the place and eventually relaxed at the movies. I knit in the ticket line, and while waiting for the flick to begin. We saw Freaky Friday, and it was really funny. Better than we had expected. People wonder where I get time to knit, and I wonder how they can sit around in passenger seats or in movie lines doing nothing.

Now, in the drama department, GingGong decided it was once again time to demonstrate her dominance of the animal domain by nibbling Shiloh's food while he watched. I think she ate four whole pieces of kibble, but it was quite a show.

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