Thursday, August 28, 2003

That Opal is bossy yarn. It will not let me cast on the Wildfoot until it is all used up. So, we now have a tiny Bear Sweater:
Precious Pals.
Something that ought to have happened already.....

The leftover sock yarn mouse:

With all the self striping sock knitters out there, I'm wondering why this has not happened before. Maybe because it takes all evening to knock one out instead of an hour or less. That's the down side. The up side is that here is a perfectly good use for all those sock yarn leftovers that peek at you when you work through your stash. Cast on 50 stiches and it comes out about right. Consider a cable with a larger number of stitches. This is a six stitch braid, and it is somewhat petite. The one on the needle now will have a nine stitch braid. The self striping shows nicely on stockenette instead of seed or garter stitch. I have no clue if cats may prefer the tooth feel of the denser gauge sock yarn. Not sure I care. This guy seems worthy of cat spit.

And another thing that was going to happen - has anyone noticed that "short rows" are hot? Like articles in Vogue and patterns in Kitters with unusual uses? Kind of like the big miter square craze of a few years ago. I even signed up for the short row stripe class at the fall TKGA conference. Well, here it is - the prototype SHORT ROW MOUSE:

The pattern is not ready for prime time - adjustments need to be made. Stay tuned. I think this guy, with his flaws, is also cat spit worthy. Don't be shy about letting me know if you disagree. The comment function works some of the time, and there is always e-mail.

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