Tuesday, August 12, 2003

An unscheduled update to show off some finished items. The "fall color" baby sweater and a pastel baby sweater made from e-bay leftovers. Just in time, as the August branch baby was delivered yesterday. Now, dad will have a choice.

And oooo ouch. I'm trying to pull this old body back into a healthy condition, and it's hard. Shiloh and I jog/walked yesterday, and in the evening I did a yoga class. The jog/walk felt good for the first time since we started, but my calves were stiff in yoga. No pidgeon pose for me. Today I feel tired. Not sore, but as if I would have been sore if I had pushed just a little more. I got talked into a beginner tennis ladder, and I play my first match in about twenty five years after work today. Pass the ibuprophen please

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