Monday, August 25, 2003

Socks for Nanny are done.
Thanks for the yarn, Lisa

I think I have enough of the Opal to make a small teddy bear sweater for the Precious Pals program. The dressed bear will be donated at the TKGA convention that is coming in October.

I also dug out some ancient Wildefoot, and plan to get busy on some more socks. Dang socks, I've not made any for about seven years. Now, I'm fixed on them again. Anyway, SIL does a lot of RenFaire, and makes beautiful costumes. I've been wanting to do a sock in the Mrs. Montegue pattern for her. Don't think they will be worn to Faire, as the yarn is purple, and she is not the queen.

And look how I caught GingGong this weekend:

Not sure you are going to get that tummy tan girfriend, but keep trying.

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