Monday, July 21, 2003

Baby sweater all done, except for buttons and a block.

Almost didnt' finish due to huge amount of house cleaning to prepare for my daughters birthday party. We really didn't have to, as we left immediately for the circus, and then I tossed them out on the back porch to make baloon animals and eat hot dogs. They had a good time, and I didn't go nuts, so I call it a resounding success.

The circus was pretty good this year. Barnum and Bailey, 132nd edition. I wasn't too hot about the guy that danced around with the live alligators, but we got David Larible, who is just wonderful. Don't know how others feel about shows with dancing elephants, but this guy is worth the whole show. His "thing" is to pick people out of the audience, then does a skit with them. Sounds lame, but he's so expressive and skilled that it turns out both funny and amazing.

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