Monday, July 07, 2003

Almost done.

So, what to do next? Another baby sweater? I have always wanted a box already done so that the new mom or dad can have a lovely choice. Hasn't happened yet. I'm thinking blue on blue or green on green slip stitch. Maybe Paulina? I've got some great fuchia cotton blend that will likely work up fine. Or the vest for my sister for Xmas? Can't start too early on these things.

Power Shopping
Spent Saturday in the mall with my daughter. Apparently, a few girls at camp told her to do the world a favor and get those things growing on her chest under control. It's about time; I've mentioned it to her, but she rejected my suggestion that she may be growing up. So, now, she has found that an athletic bra will smash her chest back down to girlish flatness, and she is quite pleased. I found something for me and my new orange top while we were at it. Perfect!

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