Thursday, July 10, 2003

Well, another baby sweater will be my next project. This one is to use up some odd balls of baby yarn that have been in my stash. Don't know why I feel pressure to "use up the odd stuff", but I do.

This is "two color star stitch" from B. Walker's Second Treasury, done in three colors. I like this stitch. In fact, I used it for the Fluffa swatch

Arum is already given away to the work associate whose wife delivered five weeks ago. I gave it to him yesterday, and it was well admired. I love the "oooh, that will be a heirloom" comment. It makes me giggle. Family and baby are going on a car trip to the mountains, so they may put it on her, and send pictures. I'm curious to see if the buttons go in the front or the back.

Along the lines of knitting travel, the "On the Point" vest is leaving tomorrow for a cruise to Alaska. Lucky vest.

And, waiting for me in the mail - the Opal that Lisa so generously sent to me for helping her with her short rows. Thanks! Now, I'm thinking about socks for Christmas gifts. That is, once I stabilize on my baby sweater stash.

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