Monday, November 10, 2003

Friday I had a three hour line of up useless conference calls. I worked on the donation vest, and almost got to the end of the first shoulder. I then learned that one of the analysts I work with, a very skilled person, has been laid off. Sunday, when I was walking the dog, it occurred to me that I had sloped the shoulder in the wrong direction. It seemed appropriate that the time wasting calls should be doubled by having to take out all the progress in the knitting too. Talk about a work funk. I try to improve my attitude, but it just keeps getting mashed by upper management.

Sunday night the thing got pulled apart, and I was able to re-knit about half of what was done. I wasn't going to offer a progress shot, as I was so irked, but it's a nice cool sunny morning, and I feel a bit better. Here it is in all it's purple and pink glory:

Saturday, we went to the Houston Space Center, so that daughter could attend a parking lot Pokeman event. I had enjoyed the Johnson Center tram tour before, and my husband had not taken it, so we abandoned her in the parking lot, and did the tour. I was sort of disappointed in that it's been toned down considerably since 9/11. You used to be able to view the real working mission control. I did enjoy the dinosaur exhibit that's running right now. Lot's of stories of people digging for a swimming pool and finding mammoth bones. Kind of weird to see dinosaurs at the space center, but we take advantage of what we find.

Daughter had a decent time, but was not happy about the judging standards of the karioke contest. We explained how fair really didn't have much to do with reality, and went to lunch on the Kemah boardwalk. I still haven't' had a nice meal at any of the restaurants there, and I wonder why we end up eating there at all. We did enjoy watching the J80's come in from racing.

What this has to do with knitting is that I did accomplish a few inches of the back of the blue vest.

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