Monday, November 03, 2003

Well, I'm mostly over the nasty flu, but still run down. Time to figure out what's important, and work on that.

I was well enough to go to the TGKA SW Convention in Sugarland. I wasn't coughing my brains out at least. It was a small, mellow affair. The hotel was brand new, and there were still rough edges showing, especially with the banquet staff. The market featured mostly novelty yarns and kits, so no temptation there. I did enjoy the classes. It's good to work on new or different techniques now and then. I took a class on short rows and color, a lace class and two classes on Horst Schultz type techniques.

Special bonus.... at the breakfast, I won a door prize!

It's from Interlacements; hand dyed rayon ribbon and cotton/rayon yarn and a pattern for a linen stitch T shirt. I would never have purchased anything like this, but it looks fun.

Now, back to work. But first, here is a peek at the new vest I'm working on:

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