Tuesday, November 25, 2003

We're off to Colorado tomorrow. Yippeee. Our friends heat with a wood stove, so us southerners will be freezing our pants off. I just sorted all our long underwear, and I bought some jeans with some space so I can layer.

I checked progress on the pink and purple vest against last week. I may have done two whole rows. Hopefully, I'll have some sit by the fire time to finish this vest. I'm alternately annoyed and enraptured with this project. I wanted to be about done by now.

And I must have had trouble counting in Lousiania. About eighteen extra rows. It's looking nice I think.

Now, all these projects would be farther along if I had'nt gotten the urge to dust off that Bond knitting machine upstairs, and make a charity blanket for an ongoing guild project. For those of you toying with the idea of a knitting machine, understand that machine knitting is nothing at all like hand knitting. I thought that the thing would help me work through the embarassing amount of yarn I have collected. It's a bit faster than hand, but not as quick as one would think, unless you are doing straight stockenette. In fact, I had to get rid of the concept of "fast" before getting anywhere with the machine. It took a long and frustrating amount of time to get the feel for the thing. I still don't quite have the feel, to be honest.

So this urge is to get the hang of knitting machine intarsia. I started to get it, then the stitches started popping off the needles and the carriage began to jam every row. I remembered this morning that I need to hang some weight on the piece once it gets so far. Does it not look like a disaster? It's about a third done.

The stupid part is that I'm already dreaming about Fasset intarsia designs that I could work up on the Bond.

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