Thursday, November 20, 2003

Gakkk is the sound of the week

I'm out on a two night biz trip, and my suitcase managed to get away and visit Hartford CT, and Columbus OH, before joining me at the hotel. This seems to happen when I absent mindedly pack my medicine in my checked bag instead of throwing it into my purse. When I finally met up with my bag, I found that the purple/pink vest was missing a needle, and could not be worked on. I sure hope that needle is in my living room chair rather than in New England.

On the good side, the weather is nice, and I've got the back seat of the rental car claimed for our three hours of driving today so progress will be made on the blue vest. For sure half the front will be finished, and the second half will have good progress before we return tonight.

And just for fun, and a bit late - Shiloh trying to figure out what happened to his walking path on Monday night after a day of torrential rain. We live near a bike/hike path that runs by a bayou. To the regular eye, it looks to be a lovely recreational area. To a civil engineer it looks like a flood plain. It's both. Gotta love dual purpose development. For reference, the "keep dogs on leash" sign was under water except for the last six inches.

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