Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Happy New Year.

After a few weeks of vacation, not blogging, and really not knitting I'm back. At least I think I am. Did anyone miss me?

Here are some pictures from last year:
The blue vest if finished:

I brought it to our family Xmas party, and tried it on my aunt. She liked it so I gave it to her. I was thinking of someone else, but that someone can be picky, and I wasn't sure she would like it. Auntie did, so auntie wins.

Now, for those who pay attention, I did make some adjustments to the shoulder. I personally don't like vests with shoulders that extend over where a fully fashioned shoulder should extend. I think they look floppy and "home made" rather than "hand made." I doubled all the arm hole decreases in the pattern except the initial underarm decrease, and was happy with the results. I liked the pattern a lot, and will probably make it again, with another adjustment. I read so many positve remarks in the summer about waist shaping, and I see no reason not to put some into this vest. The way the garmet hangs, you can almost see it, but I think some more shape will be pretty nice here.

Also, if I neede proof, which I don't, that my husband loves me, look what he brought me from Peru:

If you can't tell, it's six bags of alpaca knitting yarn. Yum yum. Now, I need to get my WIP's finished so I can dig into that.

And, someone is really happy that we're home:

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