Friday, January 30, 2004

I think my knitting mojo had come back. Didn't know it was gone, really. I've just been frustrated at the lack of progress on some projects. Making promises to myself, then not keeping them. Of course the projects don't progress unless one works on them, and I've just not wanted to touch them. I even put my purple vest in a pretty basket, and carried it around the house with me. Still didn't touch it.

Then, yesterday,
Back came the mojo, and I could hardly put the vest down. Now, understand, it's a wierd thing. Side to side vest in the round? What was I thinking. But, here is progress in a strangely tubular sort of way:

I've been sort of guilty working on a new project when I have three that have been languishing. However, I rationalize it by claiming that I need a "traveling" project. The other three need too many colors, not to mention that one is hanging on a knitting machine. The pink vest and the machine knit blanket will be travelers when the time comes to attach their I cord borders, but not yet. So, I have this project, out of the frog pond, and about half way to the arm holes:

Usually, it's the dog I catch snoring, but yesterday, GingGong was the snorlax. She was snoring, and her little fangs were sticking out. I thought it was worth a shot to try to get it in a picture.

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