Monday, January 12, 2004

Well, no blog pictures for a little bit. I had to have my pc re-imaged, and seem to have lost the connections to the picture editing software. Maybe later in the week.

I'm guilty of not finishing some of the projects that are challenging me. The GS vest should be done by now. I worked on it some, and it's really not that annoying, and really does work up fast, as it's worsted weight. It should be interesting once it's cut open.

After that, I need to remember where I was with Hank. Once I start on him again, I think he will finish up quickly.

My husband is out of town for four weeks. Could I possibly finish both by then? He's anxious to see his Hank finished.

Lucky Mistake
In the mean time, I like to have a "travel" project. I started a sweater for our friend "M". However, a lucky mistake that caused me to take the piece off the needles to fix also caused me to measure. The guage was off by enough to have to frog and start again. Not a bad thing, thought. I was not happy with a few of the design choices I had made. I'm using a slip stitch pattern in the round. Because of the particulars of the pattern, I was concerned that the "seams" would be too tight. I've decided that this pattern would work out better done in pieces, so I've re cast on for the back. There we have the "lucky" mistake."

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