Thursday, January 15, 2004

SO, I think I have the camera thing figured out. Win98 and Win2000 are different in a lot of ways and I'm still adapting. So, here is the poor bit of yoar that went to the frog pond:

There is a bit of ribbing done again, but not enough to photograph. I found my swatch and measured it. I must have read the ruler wrong before, because the real knitting was the same guage as the swatch.

Now, I've gotten moving on the purple/pink vest. What was causing me trouble, I think is that I've gone off and started a rather creative construction method. I'm knitting side to side because the recipient is rather large and wants the patterns to go in the "slimming" vertical direction. Because of the trouble I had working the pattern back and forth, I'm also knitting in the round. So It's comaing out as a rather odd shaped tube. Again, due to the large size of the target, the armhole needs to be big big big. Her center back measurement was a normal 13". However, the finished size at the bust will be lose to 60". You do the math. The thing is going to be half armhole. Needless to say, the thing looks really wierd.

Now, with all the messing around trying to get the camera to work withthe new computer software, I've worn down the battery, so no pictures of this today.

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