Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Decided to work through the knit blog ring. Some nice new blogs out there, as well as, well, hemmm. Went quite a ways before I came upon a dead link, and I had sort of lost interest by then. Kind of odd to go through so many, and get sort of a cosmic global feeling for the cyber knitting world. Personal lives in transitions with moves, lost work and divorce and, oh yeah, knitting.

I find I don't give a rat what sort of yarn, needle or whatever I am, or anybody else is. I tend to loop at the pictures and move on. Lots of people in the blog or knot blahs. Then there is Rogue. I liked the pattern and ended up purchasing it. Will I knit along? Probably not, as I really want to finish the three projects that are on my WIP list - the vest, the blanket and Hank. The traveler will move along on his own, thank you.

And, did I mention that my husband is a weather god? The beautiful weather we had been having here broke into scattered rain and cold when the man got on the airplane. I've been working at home all day, and it's been really grotty. Shiloh has insisted in snuggling on my lap, which has restricted the number of rounds I've accomplished.

I've determined a solution to my yarn problem for the vest. I pathetically unraveled my swatches, and feel that I now have enough yarn to finish the front. That leaves one repeat on the back. I worked through my stash and found some purple wool that was close; just a bit more blue. Close enough that when I found it between the two colors in a swatch I had to look two or three times to determine that it was not the yarn I needed. That's close enough for me. So, I'll use it on the single repeat on the back. I'd be at that point if the dog wasn't using my lap as a bed.

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