Monday, February 23, 2004

Well, not a lot of knitting progress. Travel last week was to San Antonio, so I drove rather than flew. Got a speeding ticket on the way home too. Weekend was full of Girl Scouts and saying good by to hubby, who is going to Peru for another three weeks. Two and a half repeats on the "traveler" and approaching the armhole decreases for the vest.

The vest is troubling me. Since the first armhole, I've been anxious that when I cut it apart it will be a misshapen mess. Regardless of all my work with graph paper and swatches. I think I'm past that, and onto the fear that I will run out of one color of yarn. It was an e-bay purchase; Classic Elite Montara; label long lost; purple with some red in it when seen alone. It makes the "royal purple" look navy when placed against it. Once could call it "dark fuchia" I've looked all over the Montara color swatches on the web, and am not satisfied that I see the color there. 3852 looks too blue; 3827 is the hank I have and it's more purple and vibrant than that. On the other hand, I'm also comparing to a hank of Montara that I have a label for, and the screen colors aren't true. So, I could be in trouble, because the dye pot has changed a lot.

I'm also resisting shelling out $8.50 plus S&H for a skein that I may just need ten yard of. I spent some time this weekend finding all my swatches for this vest so I can unravel them and spit splice the pieces together. Pathetic.

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