Monday, February 09, 2004

Regardless of the list on the right bar, I have two active projects. Both progress.

Now, for an old story. I usually carry my "traveling project" to work, and am known to work on it during the extensive conference calls that are a part of my corporate culture. I have a collection or rather rattty canvas bags that I use to carry the project. When I returned to the office from the holiday, I found this lovely bag, and a card. Problem. The signiture was un-readable. I spent three weeks wandering around the office showing it to people, and asking if it was them, or if they could read it. Very mysterious. Finally, a gal pal that I rarely see asked if I had received her gift. Of COURSE! Well, not really, I could attribute about three letters from the signiture scribble to her. Well, Thanks! I'm using it now, and it's lovely.

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