Monday, November 28, 2005

Another Finished Item.

So, in the category of "MY, I'm large" or "We live in Houston, what was I thinking", a lovely heavily cabled top down aran. I mostly finished this bad boy months ago, but husband was unhappy with the neck. At the time, I felt it would never be cool again in Houston. So I folded him gently, and set him in my yarn closet to be dealt with later. Well, when I was cleaning, he was still there. Since I was finishing stuff, out he came. I re-did the neck, and husband is very happy with it.

I really liked the technique for this, and will probably use it again for an aran. I also really liked the Jo Sharp Silk Road yarn. This was the Ultra, and Rogue was tweed. I liked the feel of the Ultra better than the tweed, but I prefer working in DK gauges.

In the mean time, I've continued some blog cleaning. I removed buttons on blogs that seem to be no longer active. I've tidied up my blog roll, and included the little blogroll script. Many of these blog people I never met, rarely interacted with but I still miss them. Who knew?

Two new projects are on the needles. More news next week.

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