Monday, November 21, 2005

What's next?
What are the goals?
Goal - Have fun using up stash yarn. I had a very bad eBay habit a while back, and now have a closet full of mostly light worsted/worsted wool. Just loved collecting that vintage shetland/virgin stuff made by Bernat and Bear.

SO, some choices:

A window pane slip stitch type sweater sort of like this...
I have some wool/silk dk from pre-2000 WEBs sale purchase that I think would do well. I can do grey's or browns with cream. Could also do greens or blues or rust/orange with creme or black. Perhaps for a BIL who has not received a sweater from me, or another one for my husband.

Rose Trellis Shawl in the merino/cashmere I like so well. I have a whole spool of black cashmere/merino. Same stuff that Starz and Ingeborg, and the Madli shawl were made of.
Look down the page - it's there

The knitty Wavy scarf
The knitty "branching out" scarf
I a have mohair stash that is also somewhat out of control. Think Wavy would work in mohair? may have to try that.

Poetry in stitches sweater cover sweater, already swatched

A design using this sort of miter/modular slip stitch approach:
look for the Marmalade/Blueberry jam kit. I think this jacket body was made in two pieces, and joined at the back. How about doing the same thing, using the Zimmerman "Surprise" Jacket method? Or something else self designed using those Hanne Falkenberg designs as inspiration. Those garter stitch jackets on the bias fascinate me.

Some felted bags? Feels like a cop out, but a fun one.

Not many people read this but, perhaps those of you who do visit can drop a comment or a vote. Expect that next Monday, Rogue will be finished, and one or two new projects will be revealed.

Next short term project - build shopping list for tomorrow's Thanksgiving dinner.

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