Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Pardon me, it's been three months since my last blog.

Reflecting, I have been feeling less than normal; sort of depressed, not interested in much. Not only not blogging, but not reading blogs either.

However, when I think about August September and October, I recall I have re-certified for SCUBA, certified for Girl Scout Adult Backpacking, supported a major Girl Scout Service Unit event. I picked up my guitar again, and I'm almost finished with the Mel Bay Modern guitar Method Grade 1 book. I went to a Cisco class, and am studying for certification, and still trying to generate revenue for my employer. Oh yeah we had a few hurricanes.

And, I made this.

It's the Wool Peddlers shawl from Folk Shawls.

Rogue has been causing me problems. When I got to the arm hole, I had to admit there was something really funky with my row gauge. I don't normally check that, but this pattern is written almost row by row. Funking around with the body was not that hard, but I hesitated when trying to figure out how to make the lovely neck cables work out. Eventually, I decided to throw in a few extra repeats here and there, and it seems to be working out. The sleeve caps will have to be redone.

Besides the gauge issue, I'm really having trouble with the cable pattern. I do a few and take a look, and suddenly, there are overs where there should be unders. This is normally not a problem for me, but this silly one is taking more than her share of re-work.

Finally, Mr. Shiloh has sat on it a few times, and it gets covered with dog hair. I wipe it off with tape, but Yuck. I will have to be more careful.

So, maybe I'm dropping out, but maybe I'll start posting about once a week again. Don't know.

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RheLynn said...

Very nice shawl - The name and story on that shawl were very intriguing. I paged through that book a good while back now... really wish I had known enough about knitting to get it then.

I'm getting two skeins of Shadow from Knitpicks for Christmas (along with other goodies), so maybe I'll finally make a nice big triangle shawl ;o)