Friday, October 10, 2003

Bear sweater number three done. Remind anyone of anything they recently finished?

And here are the three dressed bears in a family shot.

I have one more naked bear, and I'm planning to do a little ribbed raglan with a roll collar from the left over Wildefoote. Should not have much finishing outside of the ends. Don't know if I'll have much time this weekend, but I've noticed that bears are pretty short waisted, and have short (2 inch) arms, so the sweaters go pretty fast. They also have big heads, and no neck. They don't complain if the armhole is too tight. They also don't squeal with delight, as their little heads are stuffed with fiber.

Happy Friday, and stay dry this weekend. I don't think dry will be part of my weekend, but that's what showers and washer/dryers are for.

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