Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Blogging from Cajun Country

What was I thinking?

I fusted about the house to collect a heap of yarn for car knitting, and by the end of the trip I had turned a heel and gotten a bit up the leg of my sock. At that rate, I may finish my sock on the way home. I always do this. Well, I'm well prepared for for road work or a huge traffic jam at least.

We went to dinner at a reccomended Cajun restaurant, and it was delicious. Most dishes were fried or in cream sauce, and my catfish oscar was both. Yum. They also had a band, featuring a gutair, fiddle, accordian, and, I kid you not, a trangle player. Yes, right from Kindergarden rythem band. He sounded great; just the right sound for the group. And, yes, they sang in Cajun.

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