Thursday, October 16, 2003

On Design.

Now, I am not a knitwear designer, and I don't play one on TV. However, I've rarely met a pattern that I didn't adjust. I'm just difficult, as I have this stash, and prefer to shop there rather than use the yarn called for. The only exception in the last fifteen years is the Henry8 sweater, now residing under my chair.

So, I've worked most of the swatch in the Klimatika and as expected, the yarn is working to a smaller guage than called for in the Gatsby vest pattern that I lust for. (IK summer 2003 if you need to look and have to magazine) What to do? Here is how I go about "adjustments"......

What do I like about the design and yarn?
*I love the diamond matrix texture pattern
*I like the body skimming shape
*I like the cabled edging on the bottom
*The yarn is yummy, and feels good next to my skin

What do I not like about the design?
*It's written in the flat
*The pattern calls for a 10 to 46 stitch reverse SS at the sides, and all the shaping goes into that gap. The only reason I can think that this is the case is to make the pattern writing easier.
*The arm holes look small on the model
*I'm not keen about the arm hole edge treatment.

Little realities of life -
*I'm short waisted, and shaped like a coke bottle. Not to mention still about 20lbs overweight. I'm not sure the shape would suit me.
*I would like the garment to be attractive now, and 20 pounds from now.
*I'm short on the stitch guage by about 15%

What I could do
Follow the pattern for the 48.5 inch bust, which would produce a 41 inch garment at my stitch gauge. This deals with the yarn, but not the shaping issues.

What I ought to do:
*Rewrite the pattern for my gauge, and in the round
*Extend the lattice pattern to the edges
*Insert a twist cable "seam" at the sides with a reverse ss on either side, where the increases will go.
*Figure it should end about two inches below my natural waist, and be about waist diameter, then increase in width to the bust diameter. This would provide the body skimming silhouette that I like.
*Increase the arm holes
*Substitute 1x1 ribbing on the arm holes; it looks nice on the neck, and would clean up the look of the piece.

Alternative approach:
Forget the whole thing. Keep swatching.

So, a peek inside my brain. Some people may call this design, but I can't go there. I love my knit mags, because they give me great eye candy used for inspiration.

The swatch is not yet finished - about ten more rows, but will be posted soon.

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